• TASK: Find a concept that will tie-in Pitbull while introducing the season’s new cast and dancers.

    CHALLENGE: Getting all of the STARS shot and the footage prepped for the rear screen projection used during the Dancers and Pitbull shoot the next day. We also created the DWTS TOOLBOX by shooting and interviewing all of the STARS the day before. We created an assembly belt on a separate stage with stills, interviews and the shots to be incorporated into the rear screen with graphics on green screen. We simultaneously constructed and pre-lit a giant set at a different location for the dance. Oh, did I mention that one of the stars didn’t show up!@#$%!!! We then built a set for her the next day at our dance location and brought on more crew to shoot while we were pre lighting and rehearsing, no sweat right?

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    • Director
    • Wayne Isham
    • Executive Producer
    • Joseph Uliano
    • DP
    • Joe Labisi
    • Production Design
    • Annie Sperling
    • Agency
    • Black Label Content
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