• Black Label Content is one of the first production companies to establish a COVID COMPLIANCE PROTOCOL and return to set. We developed our protocol with recommendations based on CDC, OSHA, The LA COUNTY BOARD OF HEALTH, and universally accepted best hygiene practices.  We partnered to return to set with Disney TV, ABC and FOX TV Networks.  READ MORE “THE BRIEF”

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    Our intention during the lock-down period was to research and find a definitive way to return to set and live action shooting, while not interrupting the creative process.  Months of research with medical individuals, private laboratories and peer reivewed recommendations of testing, proper PPE and COVID compliance helped us to formulate our Protocol.


    Our  COVID COMPLIANCE PROTOCOL will be carried out during our pre-production phase and shoot days.

    BLC has designed an infection prevention protocol applicable to all phases of production. These protocols are based on universally accepted best hygiene practices following recommendations from the CDC, OSHA, Local Governmental Health Authorities. By providing onsite services we anticipate and overcome the challenges that productions will face in the era of COVID-19 in order to allow the creative process to continue.

    We are employing testing for all personnel. Pre-testing will be done in two ways,  secondary rapid tests may also be employed, always by a Register Nurse and processed in a specialty Lab.

    1.  Concierge – travels to your location and administers a nasal swab for a PCR test, the only CDC recommended test widely avaibale for active COVID19 infections. 24-48hr turnaround on results.

    2.   A drive thru – we will have a drive thru set up at a designated location ,  4 days and 2 days before the shoot, in order to get our key crew members and staff tested.  (nurse and the same test / lab as above)  24-48 hours turn around.

    3. Rapid Test   ( secondary ) will take place at the BLC check-in on the shoot day. We will administer the test with a Quidel diagnostic Sofia 2 rapid testing machine.

    *Upon entering the parking lot, you will be directed to a check in tent or drive thru.  You will be administered a 

    Mid-turnbinate nasal swab by a registered nurse ( results take 10-15 minutes).  You be asked to wait in a socially distanced area or in your car until your results are determined.  At that time with a negative result you will be cleared to be given a “green” wristband for full access on set.

    * In order to register for testing, all crew and personnel tested will sign  a HIPAA (‘Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) waiver for secure release of test results to their employer.  *no exceptions. (Talent may elect for their info to go designated show personnel )
    All records are private, secure and will be placed into a sealed job file, and the lab will directly contact all personnel with their results while a copy of all results will be held by production.


    All Positive results will be reported to the individual by a medical professional only and referral for care will be provided at that time
    ** All personnel that enter our facility location, whether inside or out will be required to test and will also be administered Temp. checks on the day of shoot at check in


    **To date, there is no vaccine or treatment that can cure or prevent the virus or the disease. In terms of testing, there are multiple types of tests being offered, however there are few that are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

    These are a selection of “best practices”, guidelines and recommendations by health professionals.


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