• The 2021 American Idol Campaign consists of Set Design and exploration,  Promo, Marketing, Photo, EPK shoots.

  • Client:
    American Idol
  • Title:
    2021 Launch Campaign
  • Case Study

    The 2021 American Idol Campaign consists of Set Design and exploration,  Promo, Marketing, Photo, EPK shoots.  Patrick Lumb, our production designer worked with Shane Valdez and the ABC creative team to design the “GOLD” look and set.

    The initial engagement involved designing the 2021 season marketing set looks as well as, construction. One of the biggest challenges was getting Ryan Seacrest, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan and Bobby Bones all to LA on the same days and scheduling their COVID testing in the origin cities as well as the Covid testing when they arrive in LA.  They each have vanity teams consisting of at least three and manager or reps that have to be tested before fittings or any pre-production gatherings.  This involved getting everyone tested and traced until shoot day.  We also had a crew and support team of 100 people that we tested and traced prior to shooting.  On the shoot day there was a gauntlet of COVID protocol to get everyone thru before we started out day. This in itself is a production, moving everyone from check in to sets.

    On the shoot day we had 10 hours to shoot 5 A list talent in Promo, Green Screen, interview and photo.  This was achieved through a “matrix” schedule that had them all working simultaneously on separate sets and arriving to the “MAIN” set for a group shot at the same time.  Our production team was coordinating all of the movement between sets, tracking their times and keeping everyone aware of where each person was in Hair, Make up, wardrobe time and on which set.

    We accomplished this at Raleigh Studios, with 3 soundstages, pre light, pre build, promo and photo set up day, so that on the shoot day, we were  only shooting, not lighting, not re lighting, but moving talent from stage to stage, set up to set up.

    The Assets to be delivered were

    • Several Conceptual Promos for on – air

    • A 3 camera interview EPK, ( 20 minutes with each star)

    • Green Screen shoot with each Talent (5) for Tool Kit elements

    • Photo shoot with three set looks


    We finished our day on time, accomplished all of our deliverables and had no positive tests for Covid.  So we’ll call that a win !!


  • Credits

    • Creative Content Studio
    • Black Label Content
    • Director
    • Shane Ryan Valdez
    • Found / Executive Producer
    • Joseph Uliano
    • Producer
    • Norman Reiss
    • DP
    • Maz Makhani
    • Production Design
    • Patrick Lumb
  • Stills