• TASK: Create a campaign for ABC’s Sunday night line up featuring the Cast of ONCE UPON A TIME, REVENGE and 666 PARK AVENUE that could encapsulate the Sunday Night line-up and to find a thread to tie them all together in context.

    CHALLENGE: The production challenge was co-ordinating three shows worth of talent. Shooting 1 day in LA, 1 day in Vancouver 16 hours later and then a third day a week later in LA with motion control to incorporate talent who had missed the first day. This along with creating the visual FX, of which none of the backgrounds existed.
    SOLUTION: I worked with Nate Robinson (founder of Ntropic) and Co -Director Andrew Sinagra to concept, previz and direct the piece. We shot three separate days with talent on green screen and practical sets, created all the backgrounds, shot plates in three states, used a drone helicopter and a whole lot of rotoscoping and CG. Nate and Andrew rocked on precision shooting, digital mapping and FX. Low and behold we delivered on time.

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  • Client:
    ABC Marketing Entertainment
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  • Credits

    • DirectorNate Robinson/Andrew Sinagra
    • Executive ProducerJoseph Uliano
    • Production DesignerPatrick Lumb
    • DPMaz Makhani
  • Stills